1 Serisi Akaryakıt Pompası

Galvaniz saçtan üretilmiş dayanıklı kasa
Otomasyon, ödeme kaydedici sistemlere tam uyumluluk
Basınçlı veya Emişli Üretim
-30 / +50 ºC ve %95 bağıl nemde çalışabilme
% ±0,5 hassasiyet
380 ACV /50 Hz trifaze veya 220 ACV monofaze
Aşırı yüke karşı korunmuş, ex-proof, 0.75 kW motor
Tüm pompalarımızda ,pistonlu, pozitif yer değiştirmeli, hassas ayarlanabilir, +-0.0025 (Binde 2.5) ölçüm hassasiyetinde metreler kullanılmaktadır.
Emişli pompalarımızda pozitif deplasmanlı döner tip, hava seperatörlü, ayarlanabilir by pass valfli, üzerinde entegre emiş filtresi bulunan, V-Kayış tahrikli, 50/80/120 dk arası debilerde santrifüjler bulunmaktadır.

KDE Series Diesel Generator

Kama KDE 12 EA3 Three Phase Diesel Generator
Maximum Output Power: 10.5 kVA
Continuous Output Power: 9.5 kVA
Motor: KM2V80
Motor Power: 17 Hp
Motor Type: 4 stroke, 2-cylinder, water-cooled, Direct Injection
Fuel Tank Capacity: 25
Fuel consumption: 340 (g/kW.h)
Audio Noise: 85 (dBA-7m)
Yağ Kapasitesi: 2.27(lt)
Boyutlar: 1030x600x790 (UxGxY)(mm)
Weight: 200

Liquid Fuel Transfer and Measurement Sets

Liquid fuel transfer and measurement sets are pump units designed for transfer and measurement of all types of liquid fuels easily. Fuel transfer and measurement sets are equipped with high-accuracy timers. They are manufactured according to system requirements with pump, motor, flow meter and equipment combination with respect to type of liquid and purpose of usage.
Standard Features
Three-phase (380 volt) motor, star-delta switch, 10m cable, table with wheel, mechanical register, direct or belt and pulley accouplement.
Optional Features
Equipments which can be added according to the fluid type and system requirements are exproof motor, diesel motor, hydraulic motor, filter, hose reel, hose, nozzle, electrical panel, inverter (revolution changer), camlock (quick coupling heads for hose), electronic register, ticket printer, automatic temperature compansation (ATC), accouplement with reducer.

SavronQ9 Pompa Otomasyonu System

The instant the status of each pump can be pursued as a simple screen and can be seen the recent sales in the form of a list.
The representented fuel pump's display changes color depending on the sales of the fuel types. Thus, sales can be easily done as a visual tracking.
If the customer used SCARD, the sign of the swiped card's number and customer's name appears the screen.
When the sales completed the transactions simultaneously display both the customer and current sales information is processed.
After every sale, sales information is added to the customer account and the database and wins points amount the rate of sales.

SavronQ9 Tank Otomasyon Sistemi

A simple interface via PC with easy level monitoring of all tanks
The estimated time remaining fuel calculation according to statistics and daily sales figures.
An ability of alarm in case for the critical level.
The most efficient way to track fuel levels with auto-calibration feature.
Give a report sales charges calculated during the filling with the automation system integration to the existing pumps.
Tracking the amount of fuel in stock, according to fuel type.
An easy integration with new technologies and Ürün SAVEL with a flexible system design.

Baymak Elite Split Air Conditioner

Energy Class: "A" Energy Class
Gas Type: R 410A
Type: Wall Type Split A/C
Ionizer Technology :Yes
Sleeping Mode: Yes
Digital Screen: Yes
Silver Ion Filter: Yes
Dehumidifying Feature: Yes
Compressor Type: Rotary Compressor